Air filters
Frad filteri

Concentration of dust in the air depends on geographic and weather conditions, density and frequency of traffic. Clean air must be ensured in all such conditions, with quantity necessary for proper operation. FRAD air filter cartridges ensure effective protection of engine from damages caused by presence of dust and other impurities in the air. They are carefully designed and manufactured in order to fulfil demands of engine manufacturers and industrial plants which need filtered air.

High quality air filter is a must of FRAD and it is ensured by the following:

  • high level of filtration efficacy up to 99,99%,
  • choice of quality filter papers which are controlled in laboratory of FRAD and quality processing during proces of filters production,
  • protection of metal parts from corrosion, 
  • precise manufacture and high quality of gaskets for optimal quality sealing.

These prerequisites enable filters of FRAD to be accepted among customers as synonym which guarantees:

  • long and reliable operation,
  • complete functionality,
  • compliance with regulations of engine manufacturers and international standards in the area of air   filtration.

filter_vazduhFor rough working conditions filter cartridges are produced with two levels (as primary and secondary). Primary cartridge functions as main filter, while secondary is the safety filter, which ensures adequate protection of engine in extreme working environment.

FRAD also produces so called dry air filters made from housing with connections, cartridge or a set of primary and secondary cartridge, dirt indicators and dust evacuators.

FRAD also produces air filters with oil bath which are intended for operation in medium or hard working conditions. Filters are mostly made from two parts housings, with oil in the lower part, and cartridge in the upper part. Filtering material of cartridge is normally a wire fabric, natural or PVC fibres which ensures filtration efficiency of 99,5%.

filter_vazduh2Besides standard production programme, FRAD has developed production of frame filters,filter panels, filter bags and sleeves for industrial filtration and dedusting. For high efficiency air filtration in electric, food or pharmaceutical industries, FRAD has developed a series of absolute air filters.