Cabin air filter
Frad filteri

Air contains a large number of harmful particles which we breathe in our organism. These are dust, abrasive wear, soot, various smells, sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, as well as pollen out of city areas. All these matters enter cabins of cars through heating or cooling system, or air conditioners.

If we do not have a filter for the system as above, harmful particles can enter, and it will also reduce system performances for air conditioning.

Breathing of contaminated gases has negative consequences to human organism: allergic reactions, straining of lungs and irritation of breathing paths, unpleasent felling because of bad smells, concentration drops, weakness etc...

By installing cabin air filters you remove harmful impacts, driver and passangers feel better and more comfortable and air conditioning system is also protected. One should not be very smart to conclude that cabin air filters are one of important factors during the age of environmental protection.

filter_kabinaWe install in our filters best quality materials, so that they possess high filteration level and small resistance to air flow and cause very small pressure drop.

Doubtlessly, filters of FRAD meet requirements of air conditioners (protection and ease of working), but above all they protect health of people in cabins of cars, and make travelling easy and comfortable.