Frad filteri

Company for production of automotive spare parts, FRAD FILTERI, was established in Aleksinac, Serbia, in 1958.

During many years of production, FRAD has widened its assortment of filters to more than 2.500 types, so it is today one of the biggest specialized manufacturers of filters in Serbia and Montenegro and one of leading manufacturers at Balkans.

Production programme of FRAD are filters for all types of fluids with maximum field of application. FRAD produces air, oil and fuel filters for all types of internal combustion engines for cars, buses, trucks, locomotives, ships, agricultural and building machines etc. Air condition filters for above mentioned vehicles are also being produced. We also produce filters for hydraulics, for vehicles and for wide industrial applications. We can also offer filters for special applications and with special requests (dedusting, water and acids filtration). ECO filters are now becoming a large part of production programme of FRAD. Installed capacities allow production of 6,5 million pieces of filters per year with technology capable of producing medium and small series and for quick exchange of programme, with regards to wide assortment of filters. Dedication of FRAD is to provide its customers with high quality filters and services.

FRAD performs the quality control from beginning to end according to his own standards and on the basis of principles established worldwide by ISO. Benefit for customers is twofold: consistently high quality at acceptable prices. FRAD produces all elements which are being installed in filters. This dedication has enabled FRAD to become a factory with the following:

  • modern research, development and design,
  • production of small and medium series,
  • Certified Quality System,
  • laboratory for research and development which daily controls the quality of products,
  • construction and manufacture of tools and special machines for production needs.