Fuel filters
Frad filteri

Besides air and oil, fuel is an important element for proper working and achievement of full engine power. Dirty fuel may damage the high pressure pump and valves for gasolene engines, as well as the nozzles of diesel engines. Breakdown of fuel system as a consequence of dirt which is already in fuel, or because of arrival of wearing particles from environment (dust, sand, organic matters) and water, demands very expensive reparations on the engine. Besides wearing of pumps, valves and nozzles, insufficiently clean fuel causes lower engine performances, increased fuel consumption and pollution of environment.
Frad fuel filters are designed and manufactured according to highest standards and most stringent demands (for original part). High quality of fuel filters is a must for FRAD and it is being achieved as follows:

  • by selecting the highest quality filter papers which are controlled in laboratory of FRAD with quality   processing during production of filters which enables that only clean fuel enters engine,
  • by optimum surface of filter paper placed in a small volume,
  • by large retaining and accumulation ability of dust, asphaltane,pentane, paraffin and abrasives,
  • by optimal construction of housings with protection of corrosion,
  • by precise manufacture and high quality of gaskets for optimal and quality sealing during the most   demanding working conditions.

Felt of special cotton fibres are being used besides filter paper as filtering material.

FRAD has a wide range of fuel filters which are produced as complete filters or as cartridges. Complete filter is an entity made of housing and cartridge. Filter cartridges can be fine or coarse with a single use. They are being installed in fuel supply systems according to instructions of engine manufacturers.

filter_gorivoFRAD also produces fuel filters for medium power engines with CAV high pressure pumps which fully comply with requests of world producers of engines.

FRAD has developed a special group of high efficiency filters with ability to remove ’’free’’ water as well as to eliminate emulsion from fuel. Release of separated water is fast and easy with aid of separately installed valve at bottom of filter or housing.

FRAD already produces and develops a group of fuel filters which are being used in modern engines with direct injection. All fuel filters are tested according to technical conditions defined by engine manufacturers and attested in the laboratory of FRAD.