Oil filters
Frad filteri

Proper working and engine lifetime depend much on condition that oil under all meteriological, weather and exploitation circumstances retain optimum level of cleanliness during the defined period of use. Besides lubricating as primary function, oil has the function of cooling, corrosion protection, washing and sealing. Afore mentioned functions have impact on maintaining an adequate level of cleanliness in a system. Oil filters of FRAD are designed to ensure the highest possible engine protection from abrasive and other impurities and enable full functionality of oil in anticipated period of use.

High quality oil filter is a must of FRAD and it is ensured by the following:

  • choice of high quality filter papers which are controlled in FRAD’s own laboratory and quality processed   during production of filters
  • optimum filtration surface with minimum resistance to flow of fluids,
  • great dirt accumulation ability, -housings resistant to high pressures and corrosion protected,
  • irreproachable functioning of by-pass valve at cold engine start, dirtening of filters or with extreme   working conditions,
  • proper functioning of irreversible valve which prevents dirtening of filter when engine is turned off,
  • precise manufacture and high quality gaskets for optimum and quality sealing with extreme working   conditions.

filter_uljeFRAD has a large assortment of oil filters and oil filter cartridges which are being applied to most gasoline and diesel engines for filtering of motor and transmission oil. Each filter is designed and manufactured to fulfil or surpass requests defined by leading engine manufacturers.

FRAD also produces a large number of various types of oil filters for heavy mining and building engines. They are designed on the basis of the most recent knowledge from the area of filtration and they enable working of machines at extreme load conditions.