Oil separators
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Atmospheric air contains moisture which during compression in compressors mixes with oil vapour. Mixed water and oil from compressed air form emulsion which makes big troubles in processes where compressed air is used, or later for maintenance of machines and devices. Moisture causes corrosion, makes wash away of oil for lubrication on machines, in paint shops it affects the quality of paint, causes clogging of valves and nozzles on various devices and machines, and has other undesired effects. FRAD separators of oil from air and air driers are designed and made to provide the air with highest quality.

FRAD separators of oil from air are designed on the basis of most modern knowledge from the area of separation. The key to effective filtration is based on optimization of three filtration mechanisms:

- adherence effect – by direct removal of large particles,
- inertia effect – removal of particles which can not pass through the ’’winding’’ path between fibres of   filtering medium,
- diffucion effect – as a consequence of Brownian motion which causes that very small particles collide   and adhere to filtering fibres.

These effects are achieved by using special filtering material with glass fibres – microfibers, which ensure removal of liquid and solid particles with sizes below 1 micron. Thus chosen filtering material and construction allow high flow level, small pressure drop, long life, easy and safe dismantling during change.

FRAD produces a number of oil separator cartridges up to highest flows which fully satisfy or even exceed requests defined by leading world producers of compressors and vacuum pumps.

FRAD air driers are based on ability of some materials to absorb and adsorb moisture. High quality synthetic aluminous silicate is applied as filtering material – zeolite in granules which has lowest dew points and has excellent regeneration abilities.

For braking systems in trucks, buses and other greight vehicles, where optimum security at work is requested, FRAD has developed a special air drier. It is a good prevention from corrosion and freezing of brakes. Besides moisture, it separates oil from air, particles of dust and coke oil. This type of drier is applied in almost all modern pneumatic braking installations.

FRAD has also developed air driers for application in industrial installations with one or two columns, with exchangeable cartridge or regenerative.

Besides that, FRAD can also deliver preparatory groups for compressed air complete with installation. Depending on need, preparatory groups can be combined and consist of the following: coarse separator, separator, air drier and fine air filter.